About the programme      

The Nordplus Junior programme makes it possible to apply for grants for cooperation with schools in the Nordic and Baltic countries, such as for project partnerships, pupil and teacher exchanges and work experience for pupils. It is also possible to apply for funding for preparatory visits to discuss and develop project plans with potential partners.
Cooperation within Nordplus Junior is a good way of bringing new ideas and perspectives into the classroom. It also helps teachers and pupils to come into personal contact with the cultures, lifestyles, values, standards, languages and surroundings in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Nordplus Junior is aimed at preschools, primary and secondary schools, both theoretical and vocational programmes, as well as vocational schools/apprenticeships. Extended schools in arts and culture that are part of a national or regional school syllabus may apply as coordinators. Organisations and institutions that work with or have strong interests in compulsory education in the Nordic and Baltic countries may participate as partners. Pupils, teachers and other educational staff may participate.

9About the project “Bilingual education: stories of success”
The aim of project «Bilingual education: stories of success» is collaboration of Baltic sea region countries to develop educational network between participants of projeсt and to realise exchange of multilingual education experience. To the project actions are involved preschools, primary and secondary schools from 4 countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. The project period is August 2014 — August  2015. During the project is planned to organize 4 meetings, to create the book «Bilingual education: stories of success from Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania», to print posters for students and parents to propagate different languages`s learning and design a web page to distribute project learning materials for all interested users of Internet.

Project site www.nordplusjunior.eu